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Moving for the First Time?

On the day of your local move, skilled experts arrive to pick up your prearranged, marked belongings and place them in the moving truck. Following this, they transport all your goods to your new location, distributing them to the appropriate rooms according to the labels on the boxes. Finally, you evaluate your items to pinpoint any potential damage that happened during the journey. Once every item has been checked and accounted for, you give your confirmation on the delivery, finishing your move.

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Questions To Ask Before Moving

Local Moving FAQ

Our Local Moving Services

● Packing Services: Our background-checked crew handles your packing with top-quality packing supplies for secure moving.

● Senior Moving: We offer services to help seniors move into assisted living facilities or downsize their homes. This includes help for older adults with limited mobility.

● Antiques Moving: We handle your precious antiques with the delicate hands and proper packing supplies to ensure they make it to your new home.

● Warehouse Storage: For moving storage, our warehouse storage facility is equipped with 24/7 surveillance, pest control, and flood protection.

Who are the Best Local Movers in Philadelphia?

One way to assess a local moving market is to look at a directory like Great Guys Moving to see the best local movers in any particular market. Make sure the directory that you look at uses an algorithm that takes into account all of the factors that determine which company is the best in any particular area.

In a city like Philadelphia, finding the best local movers can be daunting. Here are some questions to guide your search:

  • How transparent is the moving company about their moving prices?
  • Are they fully licensed on the state level, with a PA PUC license displayed right on their website?
  • Is the moving company a chain or an independent, locally-owned moving company with the owner on-site?
  • Has the moving company been given any awards by reputable names?


Be sure to consider all of your options, as says, “Don’t settle for the first estimate you receive. Instead, ask at least three different companies to give you an in-person estimate, since no company can really give you a thorough estimate without seeing your stuff.”

When choosing a moving company, it’s crucial to consider everything. Look for the points that these questions ask for, and you’ll be able to create a shortlist of potential movers that fit your needs. As our owner, Rob Rimeris, says, “We suggest getting at least three moving quotes from your shortlist. This will allow you to ensure that you’re getting a fair price.”

What is the Average Cost of Moving Locally in Philadelphia?

This can and will vary widely depending on your local market. The best thing to do is call at least three Philadelphia movers to get a quote and make sure that each of the quotes includes a complete breakdown of any charges so there are no surprises on the day of your move.

According to MyMovingReviews, “When it comes to local moves within Philadelphia, the cost of professional moving services can vary from $480 to $2,800, based on the time it takes to complete the job.”

Unlike many moving companies that keep their prices hidden, Eversafe is transparent about their moving prices. Our detailed pricing is readily available on our website, and you’re just a click away from our Moving Prices page.  According to our owner, Rob Rimeris, “We believe in keeping no secrets when it comes to your budget.”

We offer in-depth surveys to provide an accurate price with no surprises. The Price Lock Guarantee, unique to Eversafe Moving Co., ensures that the quoted price is the final price, with no unexpected changes or hidden fees.

How Quickly Can Movers Complete My Local Philadelphia Move?

Most moves are completed in one day. You will generally need to book your small move at least 2 weeks out and a larger move about a month out to ensure that your preferred date will be available. If you’re handling your own packing, MoveBuddha suggest, “Packing is a gradual process that should begin four weeks before the move and end a few days before moving day.” There are special circumstances where a move will be scheduled over multiple days. The most common reason is when a homeowner is both buying and selling their property all on the same day. It is called an “overnight” move, and the company will pick up the items on the first day before settlements and then deliver after the second settlement on the second day.

At Eversafe Moving Co., we understand that each move has its unique time constraints. Our team works diligently to complete your move efficiently without compromising on the care and safety of your belongings. We even offer last-minute moving to ensure you get the help you need no matter what surprises you may have faced during your moving process.

Are My Movers Fully Licensed and Properly Insured?

It is almost universal that local moving companies are both licensed in their own state and also licensed by the federal government through the USDOT. The USDOT maintains an online portal called “Protect Your Move” that has many resources to inform and protect a residential moving consumer. They run the Federal Mover’s Database, which allows you to search any company’s USDOT Number to see that company’s file. They also require any licensed mover to display their USDOT Number on the company website and the doors of their moving trucks. For state licenses, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission says, “Movers operating within Pennsylvania are required to be licensed by the Public Utility Commission.” This state license is known as a PAPUC license.

Eversafe Moving Co. is both fully licensed and insured. According to our owner, Rob Rimeris, “We hold a USDOT license number 2261303 and a PA PUC license number A-8913881, offering you complete peace of mind when entrusting us with your move. We hold General Liability and Workers Comp insurance.”

What to Look for in Online Reviews for a Local Mover?

If you’re trying to assess a local moving company, you will want to see how many reviews they have, how far back in time the reviews go, the type of complaints they have received, and how they have responded to any negative reviews they may have.

If you’re seeing a pattern of a particular type of complaint over a period of time, that can be a bad sign. There are always unreasonable customers, but in the eyes of the consumer that is reading those reviews, it’s important for the business owner to not invalidate anyone’s personal experience. There’s always something for a business to learn when a customer has an experience with the business that could have gone better.

We take pride in the positive feedback we receive from our satisfied customers. Our high ratings and reviews reflect our commitment to exceptional service. We were named the Best of the Best in Philadelphia by Rich Noonan and the #1 Movers in Philadelphia by Great Guys Moving. See our hundreds of Google Reviews for yourself here.

Will Local Movers Offer Me Any Guarantees?

It is not common for movers to offer guarantees, especially when it comes to pricing. Many movers want to have as much wiggle room as possible with how much they are going to charge you once your items are already loaded into the moving van. But, when you find a company that does, it means that they have been able to create a system that works well enough to promote the fact that their moving company can plan a move that is more likely to end with a satisfied customer.

At Eversafe Moving Co., we stand by our Price Lock Guarantee. With this, you will never pay more than 10% of your quoted price. The best part is that we come in under estimate in 8 out of 10 moves. When we come in under the estimated time, you pay less. Our owner, Rob Rimeris, says, “With our Price Lock Guaranteed, you get peace of mind that there are never any surprise fees.”

How Will My Movers Handle Items Being Damaged or Lost During the Move?

Your moving company will provide coverage in the form of “Moving Valuation”. According to government regulations, all movers must provide coverage of at least 60 cents per pound per item. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration gives the example, “If your mover lost or damaged a 50 inch TV weighing 25 pounds, you would only receive $15 (60 cents x 25 pounds).” This typically is not enough coverage for those moving, which is why most movers offer moving valuation plans with more coverage.

Our owner, Rob Rimires, says, “Eversafe Moving Co. takes every precaution to ensure the safety of your belongings. However, in the unlikely event of damage or loss, we offer moving valuation with two types of coverage: Limited Liability Coverage and Full Value Protection Coverage.”

Limited Liability Coverage provides minimal protection at no additional cost. For more comprehensive protection, we recommend our Full Value Protection Coverage. This plan offers repair, replacement, or cash settlement for any damaged or lost items, ensuring your belongings are fully covered during the move.

How Can a Local Moving Company Accommodate the Move to My Schedule?

It might be surprising to learn, but the better, more established moving companies won’t be willing, or possibly able, to accommodate a customer’s schedule. More established companies prefer to work their crews around a predictable timeline to help with a better work-life balance. This leads to being able to retain a more stable staffing environment, which then leads to being able to maintain a higher standard of service. With younger, less established companies, you will find they are willing to be more flexible with their schedules, but you’ll most likely be sacrificing quality. suggests: “Be very forthcoming with your moving company about your expectations for a moving date, which depends on a multiple of factors: the closing date for your home, your travel time and when you will receive possession of your new residence. These are details to discuss with your moving company in the early stages of planning your move dates.”

Eversafe Moving Co. has a great crew and a fleet of trucks, which allows us to be as flexible as we can be without sacrificing quality to get you the best moving time possible. However, we still can’t guarantee moving dates, so be sure to reach out as soon as possible. According to our owner, Rob Rimeris, “You should even reach out if you don’t have an exact date, but only a time frame, and we can get started on the details with you. We are happy to work with you to find a date that works!”

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