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With EverSafe’s expertise, your piano will arrive at its destination unharmed and ready to be enjoyed.

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Piano’s are just one specialty moving service we offer among many. When you hire EverSafe Moving Co. as your professional piano movers, you can expect:

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Customers choose EverSafe Moving Co. to help them move their piano’s because:

We Are Fully Licensed & Insured

We Use Clean, Protective Pads and Wrapping Material

Of Our Price Lock Guarantee

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Navigate Your Piano's Journey with Care: The Case for Professional Movers

Whereas some musicians can pack up their own instruments and stash them in the tour van, pianists often require a professional mover.

Pianos are hulking instruments – very heavy and challenging to move. When it comes to moving a piano from home to home, most people are smart to leave that important job to movers with experience.

Expert Upright Piano Moves in Philadelphia: Trust EverSafe's Precision and Peace of Mind

For upright piano moving in Philadelphia, you can trust EverSafe Moving Co. At EverSafe, we are professional piano movers and have been helping homeowners in Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs with specialty moves since 2011.

Safely moving your upright piano, or other large items, may not be easy, but it can be done correctly and without stress or worry on your part. We have the training and tools to do the job safely and without causing any damage to the home or instrument. We have fully insured piano movers.

Moving A Piano

Pianos are heavy but delicate, like a harp inside of an oddly shaped, big wooden box. Oftentimes, pianos are considered family heirlooms.

They are more than just a piece of furniture. The piano was the centerpiece of many family memories and melodies. No one wants to leave a beloved piano behind during a move.

However, moving a large or heavy item takes a certain amount of experience and know-how — as well as the right moving equipment, such as piano dollies and moving straps. The best way to move a piano is to hire an expert.

The small intricate parts inside a piano are susceptible to damage if the instrument is dropped. Not to mention, a dropped piano could cause serious injury to people and property. Pianos also tend to have awkward shapes that make navigating through a home or apartment difficult. This is not a job that should be taken lightly.

Philadelphia Piano Moving Service

EverSafe Moving Co. is known for running our moves like a well-conducted orchestra. We work together and complement each other’s maneuvers so well, our customers are often amazed by how quickly and smoothly the move goes.

Part of the reason for this precision is the extensive training each one of our moving crew members undergoes before being sent out into the field.

And part of the reason for our high-quality customer service at EverSafe is that we treat our employees right. That means that we won’t put them in harm’s way by taking on a job they cannot handle. We always take extra precautions when moving heavy items, such as pianos.

EverSafe has a limit of 500 pounds on piano moves. This means that grand pianos are out of our reach, but we can safely help you move any spinet or small upright piano.

The 500-pound weight capacity applies to pianos being moved from the first floor of one home to the first floor of another. If a piano is being moved up or down a flight of stairs, our weight limit is 250 pounds.

We will treat your piano as if it were our own, leaving no scratches or marks. We protect the pedals and wrap the entire piano in moving blankets before the move for the safest possible relocation.

You’ll be playing again in no time!

Piano Moving Quote

EverSafe Moving Co. is an industry expert, and we are known for superb customer care. When you choose us as your piano movers, you can trust that we will do the job right and that we will be 100 percent responsible for your piano throughout the entire moving process.

Call us at (215) 821-8547 for more details to learn about how EverSafe can help you safely transport your piano. Or fill out the quote form.

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