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We guarantee that you will not pay more than 10% over your quoted price. If we go over the estimate, we will cap the cost at 10% above your estimate. Feel confident knowing that your bill won’t get out of control with us.

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If we come in under estimate you pay LESS, you’ll only be billed for actual time. And, we do come in under estimate very often, on about 8 out of 10 of our moves. Keep in mind we do have a 3 hour time minimum.


We guarantee that you will not be charged more than 10% over your estimate as long as the following criteria are meet. The list of items, and the variables we have been given must be accurate. Also, if there is an elevator involved in the move it must be reserved solely for our use. All items that can be boxed must be boxed, and all boxes must be completely sealed. In addition, it will void the 10% guarantee if we are waiting on something that the customer needed to prepare for and we have no control over, such as not having keys for the new location, etc. Packing estimates are not bound by our price lock guarantee. If your list of items or the variables change please contact us with the updated info to see if we can accommodate the changes.






For storage rates and additional terms, visit our Moving Prices Page.

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