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Your Long Distance Moving Questions, Answered!

What Are The Costs Involved In Hiring Long-Distance Movers?

According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of a long-distance move in Philadelphia is “$3821” with a “Typical Range” of “$2,430 – $5,501”. Most long-distance moving companies charge based on the weight of your items. It’s a strange way to calculate the cost of a move, but it comes from the fact that a moving truck is rated to hold a certain total weight, and they want to maximize their revenue over a specified distance.

This way of calculating costs does lead to a scenario where you’ll find the most common type of scam in the moving industry. It’s called the “hostage scam”. What happens is a company will come in with an intentionally low quote and then leverage a law designed to protect movers against non-paying customers. Movers have the right to not unload their trucks until they have been paid in full. But in this scam, the moving company will state that once the fully loaded truck was weighed, the actual weight was much higher than their estimate, and in turn, raise the cost of your move substantially. They then won’t unload your items until you have paid them in full, usually in a form of payment such as cash.

If you stay with an established moving company, this won’t happen, but these scam companies often try their best to confuse you by naming their companies very similar to the larger, more established companies. The country is riddled with these smaller scam companies, often, they’re not even moving companies but a subcategory called moving brokers. Moving brokers sub out their booked moves to smaller guys that own trucks and facilitate the move itself. If you check any company’s USDOT Number in the Federal Movers Database, you can see if they are listed as a broker.

At Eversafe Moving Co., we believe in total transparency. Our Price Lock Guarantee ensures the amount you are quoted is the amount you pay. Our owner, Rob Rimeris, says, “Our detailed quote includes all fees and surcharges with no hidden costs, giving you a clear understanding of what you’re paying for, and, of course, we are listed in the Federal Movers Database.”

What Is Included In A Long-Distance Move, And What Costs Extra?

A standard long-distance move typically includes loading, transportation, and unloading of items. Extra costs are usually associated with packing and unpacking services, disassembly and reassembly of furniture, and any specialty items that require special care.

Some full-service movers offer warehouse storage at an additional cost. As MoveBuddha suggests, “Even if you don’t anticipate needing storage solutions, it’s wise to get a quote on it anyway. Unexpected circumstances can arise, such as a postponed closing on your new home, which can leave you needing short-term storage.”

Not all companies offer packing services, and even fewer companies offer unpacking services. Usually, larger van liners are the companies that will offer unpacking services. Because van liners are often commissioned for corporate relocations, they end up charging for every service they can.

Packing is a first-class service. The cost of packing can easily exceed the cost of the actual move itself per hour. Just like an airplane has a small number of first-class seats, most customers who are paying out of pocket opt to do the packing themselves.

Packing does affect insurance coverage, however. Most companies that offer full coverage for your items will only cover items in boxes that were packed by a professional mover. This is because insurance companies can’t put themselves in a position where they would be liable for items packed improperly. This is definitely important to consider when choosing your insurance coverage.

At Eversafe, we offer a full suite of moving services. According to our owner, Rob Rimeris, “Our moving specialist will work with you to understand your specific needs and customize the services accordingly. Our aim is to provide a seamless and stress-free moving experience.”

How Are Items Protected During A Long-Distance Move?

How a moving company protects a customer’s belongings varies tremendously. How tightly a truck is packed, what kind of protection is used on the items being moved, and protecting the homes. Even the quality of moving pads can be vastly different from company to company. According to, “Moving companies train their employees how to move items to avoid causing property damage of any kind, including damage to your walls, door frames and banisters. Plus, they have extensive experience moving a variety of large, heavy items and maneuvering them through a house.”

Some companies don’t pad any items, and some companies only pad specific items. The three main ways to secure pads are either with shrink wrap, tape, or moving rubber bands. Shrink wrap is by far the best but also the most expensive for the mover.

At Eversafe, we not only follow standard practices but also pay extra attention to specialty items. Be it a piano, an antique, or any fragile item, we ensure they are safely packed, loaded, and unloaded at your new location. Our owner, Rob Rimeris, says, “We feel it’s important to wrap every single item to be moved; it’s not our place to decide what items are more important than others. It’s also important because if an item rubs against a wall without any protection on it, the possibility of marking up the wall is much greater.”

What Coverage Options Will I Have For Potential Damage Or Loss?

Moving companies typically offer several valuation options to protect your belongings. These can range from basic coverage provided at no additional cost, which is called Limited Liability Valuation and covers 60 cents per pound per item, to Full-Value Protection which costs extra but provides more comprehensive coverage. With Full-Value Protection, you can have your items repaired, replaced, or receive a cash-value compensation, typically at the mover’s discretion.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration warns about how coverage works for more valuable items: “Movers are allowed to limit their legal responsibility to loss or damage to items of “extraordinary value”, meaning items that are valued more than $100 per pound (such as jewelry, china, or furs). However, if you specifically list these items on the shipping documents, your mover is still responsible for their safe delivery.”

Eversafe Moving Co. offers various moving valuation options, keeping your budget and requirements in mind. Our transparent and flexible coverage options ensure that your possessions are adequately protected during the move. Be sure to ask your assigned moving specialist for details.

How Long Does An Out-Of-State Move Typically Take? How Is The Delivery Date Determined?

The amount of time it takes to move long-distance has a number of factors. As MoveBuddha says, “How long does it take to move? Well that really depends on how much you plan to take with you, what you’re bringing, where you’re going, and how you decide to get there.”

Out-of-state moves with an independent moving company usually calls for a day for loading, a day for unloading, and a day for every 500 miles. Van line agents will take longer, about 3-6 weeks in total. The delivery date is often determined based on several factors, including distance, size of the move, and the moving company’s schedule.

As an independent moving company, Eversafe streamlines the long-distance moving process. According to our owner, Rob Rimeris, “We work closely with our clients to determine a convenient delivery date, ensuring a quick and efficient move.”

What Experience And Training Do Movers Have With Moving Fragile Items?

An Eversafe mover carefully packs items into a box as part of their packaging service.

Training in the moving world can vary from no training at all to several weeks of courses, depending on what a company may provide. There are moving companies that offer a multi-week course that all of their employees are required to attend. But, most commonly, when considering the larger volume of companies, no prior training is given to most moving employees before they start on the truck. This gets even more precarious when you consider how seasonal the moving business is because, during the peak moving season of the Summer, most moving companies will be going through a rapid hiring process.

EverSafe Moving Co. employees are required to go through a multi-pronged training course. According to our owner, Rob Rimeris, “We start off by having each employee take a professional movers video course. This is proceeded by a live classroom-style course that we have developed in-house. And finally, they are given hands-on training in our warehouse in a controlled environment, all of this before any of our employees are allowed to step foot on a moving truck.”

We have advanced training for our drivers and a separate classroom-style course for when our employees transition into a team leader position.

What Is The Process For Filing A Claim For Items Damaged Or Lost During My Move?

What most customers don’t realize is that, when insurance is arranged through the moving company, they are most likely paying for the damage out of pocket. The most common deductible that a moving company has with their insurance company is $1000. So any claim under that amount is the responsibility of the company itself.

The Bill of Lading, which is the backbone contract between a moving company and a customer, will stipulate the amount of time a customer has to file a claim after the move date. Generally, you’ll need to contact the main office of a company to inform them of the damage and to get information on how to proceed from there.

Remember that movers are not allowed to have you sign any document that waives their liability in the case of damage. The Federal Mover Carrier Safety Administration suggests that you: “Do not sign the delivery receipt if it contains any language releasing or discharging your mover or its agents from liability. Strike out such language before signing, or refuse delivery if the mover refuses to provide a proper delivery receipt.”

With Eversafe, the claim filing process is straightforward and hassle-free. As our owner, Rob RImeris, says, “We prioritize customer satisfaction, and in case of any damage or loss, we encourage our customers to contact us immediately. Our dedicated team will guide you through the process.”

Are There Any Restrictions Or Rules On Long-Distance Moves?

There are some items that movers are not allowed to carry for public safety reasons and because of government regulation, especially when moving across state lines. You should check with your mover if you aren’t sure, but some of the most common items are live animals, explosives, flammable liquids, and corrosives.

For your long-distance move, it is required by the Federal Mover Carrier Safety Administration that your mover gives you a complete copy of the written inventory before or at the time of loading. This, along with a Bill of Lading, needs to be signed by you before or at the time of loading. As it is written in the Code of Federal Regulations to moving companies: “[The moving company] must prepare a written, itemized inventory for each shipment of household goods [they] transport for [you]. The inventory must identify every carton and every uncartoned item that is included in the shipment. When [they] prepare the inventory, an identification number that corresponds to the inventory must be placed on each article that is included in the shipment.”

Eversafe Moving Co. adheres to all government regulations and guidelines for long-distance moves. According to our owner, Rob Rimeris, “We prioritize safety and legality, and our team would be happy to discuss any specific questions or concerns you may have regarding your move.”

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