Flexible On-Demand Storage: Access Your Items
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EverSafe’s on-demand storage provides the ultimate convenience and flexibility, ensuring your items are available whenever you need them.

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On-Demand Storage Solutions:
Flexibility Meets Security

Finding quick and easy storage for a few items can be a challenge. With Eversafe Moving, you will find that we offer specific storage options to fit your needs. One is called on-demand storage and it works for our customers no matter if you only need a few or all of your items stored away.

At EverSafe Moving, our on-demand storage comes with:

Climate-Controlled, Secured Warehouse Storage

Flexible Storage – Store as Many or as Little of Your Belongings as Needed

Pick-Up and Delivery of Your Belongings

Choose Hassle-Free Storage with EverSafe: Secure, Simple, and Reliable

By partnering with EverSafe Moving, we make storing your belongings hassle-free and straightforward. With our on-demand storage, you can feel confident knowing that EverSafe:

Is Fully Licensed and Insured

Has Been In Business Since 2011

A Member of Preferred Movers Network USA

To find out more information about our on-demand storage options, fill out our simple online form or by giving us a call at (215) 821-8547 and start storing your belongings safely with EverSafe Moving. 

Secure, Flexible Storage Solutions: Trust EverSafe for Your Peace of Mind

With EverSafe Moving, you can feel confident knowing your belongings will be safely and securely stored in our warehouse by our expert movers. We take care of picking up and delivering any of your belongings when you want them and to wherever you need them. 

We have been in the moving and storage business since 2011 and continue to offer exceptional service to our customers in the Philadelphia area. Between our moving and storage options, we can meet your exact needs and ensure you feel confident in our services. 

EverSafe ensures proper handling of your antiques throughout the moving process.
Our trucks allow for safe transport and are sure to get your antiques safely to your new home.

What is On-Demand Storage

By partnering with EverSafe Moving, we can make the concept of hassle-free storage come to life.
We offer on-demand storage to our customers, and here’s how we make this service work at every step of the process:

Call our office or fill out our online form to schedule your on-demand storage appointment.

We arrive at your door with the right-sized truck for your belongings.

We take inventory of your belongings by taking pictures of each item.

Our movers safely pack and load your belongings into our truck to head to our storage warehouse.

Your packed belongings are brought to our climate-controlled and monitored warehouse.

When you’re ready to have your belongings back, either some of them or all of them, just contact our office to set up a time for us to pack up and safely deliver your belongings to where you need them.

Storage doesn’t have to be difficult or a hassle. By contacting us and telling us what needs to be done,
EverSafe Moving is here to turn your storage needs into storage solutions. 

Storage FacilityOur On-Demand Storage Services for All Antiques

With EverSafe Moving, we provide on-demand storage to our customers who need quick and secure storage. See how our services can fit your storage needs in the Philadelphia area here:

  • Warehouse Storage: With EverSafe Moving, you get our climate-controlled warehouse that is monitored 24/7 to store your items safely when you need to.
  • Flexible Storage: With on-demand storage, you can store what you need easily and efficiently. Whether it’s one item or multiple, adding more or taking out some, EverSafe Moving has the experience and expertise to transport your belongings to and from storage when you need them.
  • Pick-Up and Delivery: By partnering with EverSafe Moving for your on-demand storage needs, you can feel confident in knowing your belongings will be packed and safely shipped to our secure warehouse, along with being securely packed and delivered to wherever you may need your belongings.

By choosing EverSafe Moving, we offer our customers straightforward and effective storage that is backed with experience and expertise. Feel confident knowing your belongings, from just one item to a whole truckload, will be safely picked up and stored while being easily accessible when you need them with EverSafe Moving.  

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Go with EverSafe Moving to find a storage solution that fits your needs. With our on-demand storage, you can feel confident knowing your items will be packed, shipped, stored, and delivered when needed. We are also fully DOT: 2261303) and fully insured (general liability/workers comp), in addition to being part of the Preferred Movers Network USA, giving you added confidence and security in knowing your belongings are safe with us. 

To find out more information about our on-demand storage options, fill out our free online form or give us a call at (215) 821-8547 and get started with storing your belongings with EverSafe Moving. 

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