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On-Demand Storage

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Trying to find somewhere where you can store your things, whether it be short or long-term, can be a hassle. From finding a storage place, getting it there, and then figuring out when to find time to get it back, it can seem like a lot of work.

At EverSafe we offer:

  • Climate-controlled, secure warehouse storage
  • Short and long-term storage options
  • Pickup and delivery of any items you wish to be stored

With EverSafe, we can make it easy to store and return items to you. It can be anything, from a couple of items to your whole house, we will pick up, store them in our facility and deliver them to you whenever you need them with our full-service storage solutions.

You can trust our on-demand, personal storage solutions we offer at EverSafe because:

  • We provide all costs upfront
  • We are a fully licensed and insured company
  • We have been providing moving & storage solutions since 2011
  • Depending on your inventory, we may pick up or deliver on the same day

If you are looking for an easy concierge storage solution that works around you, go with EverSafe for your storage needs. Give us a call at (215) 821-8547 or fill out our free quote form here.

How Does On-Demand Storage Work?

Many may not know exactly what on-demand storage is. Most are aware of the typical self-storage solutions that require a lot of work on your end. When dealing with self-storage, the entire process is left up to you when it comes to the storing and retrieving of your items in your storage unit, which can be stressful.

On-demand Storage means you don’t have to worry about dropping off or picking up your items. At EverSafe, we offer to pick up you items for you and store them away safely and securely. Our experts ensure that your items are packed away with the utmost care in our secure, climate-controlled warehouse storage facility. When you have decided that you would like any of your items out of storage, it is just one call away for us to come deliver your items to you, wherever you need them.

Our On-Demand Storage Services

EverSafe makes storing your items away for short or long-term easy by offering to take care of the whole process for you. From picking up your items to delivering them right to your doorstep, we make storing easy for you.

Here at EverSafe, we offer:

  • Packing and Pickup: We can deliver any packing material you need if you wish to pack up your items yourself, or we can expertly pack up everything you want to be stored and bring it to our warehouse.
  • Inventory of Items: When your items are all stored away, we will send you an itemized inventory of your belongings. If you at any point you would like just a couple of items back, whether it’s your camera, stereo or even your winter clothes, you can reference your inventory and choose which items to be delivered to you.
  • Delivery: Once you are ready to move some or all of your items out of storage, you can call us to deliver them to you wherever you need them.

We make it simple for you to be able to store your items and have access to them whenever you need by just giving us a call and having us drop off whatever you need, wherever you need it.

Contact Us Today

EverSafe is your best option when it comes to on-demand storage that works around your schedule. We can ensure to take care of your items for you and in a safe and reliable way. You can give us a call at (215) 821-8547 or fill out our free quote form here.

EverSafe Moving Co.

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