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How to Prepare for Your Movers

by EverSafe Moving Co.

You’ve sold your house and scheduled your moving day, but now you’re staring at a home full of stuff, and you have no idea how to begin packing. Moving is a whirlwind, and preparing for the movers can be one of the most daunting tasks.

Most movers charge by the hour, so doing what you can to make the job easy and quick for your movers will benefit everyone in the long run. We put together this list to make the process a little easier — and cheaper.


Sell, Donate, or Toss as Much as You Can

When moving, time and space matter. The last thing you want to discover upon unpacking is that you wasted time packing and moving stuff you no longer want!

Before you begin packing things into boxes, take the time to get rid of unwanted and unnecessary items. Donate to your local Goodwill or thrift store or make a few extra bucks selling items in Buy & Sell groups. Most importantly, if it’s broken or useless – toss it! Don’t waste space in the moving truck (or in your new home) storing items and papers you won’t need.

Once you’ve cleared out the clutter, you’ll have a much easier time packing what’s left.


Box Smaller and Fragile Items

Unless you plan to hire a packing service, you should pack smaller items into boxes. Finding all the little items from your junk drawer will be a lot easier if they’re in one place.

Boxing fragile items will help your movers, too, and if you have any lamps that don’t fit in boxes, remove the shades and box them separate from the bulbs. Make sure to label any box with breakables!


Separate, Label, and Consolidate

To save you and your movers time, separate boxes and items and give them a label that shows where they should be placed in the new house.

We suggest labeling by color. For example, put a green sticker on every item that belongs in the master bedroom. Then, when you arrive at your new place, put a green sticker on the doorframe to the bedroom. Doing so will allow movers to unpack quickly and correctly – all items with the green sticker will be put into the master bedroom, and you won’t have to waste time answering questions and directing movers.

Labeling your boxes will also help you after the movers leave. Labels will help you unpack the right things for the right activity on your first night in your new home – whether it’s a hot shower or a good meal.

To save even more time (and money), consolidate as many boxes as you can near the front door. This way, movers won’t have to go searching all the rooms. Make sure to create a no-pack zone where you can keep items you’ll be taking in your car. It’s best to keep essentials separate and easily accessible — you don’t want your toothbrushes buried in a box somewhere on your first night in the new home.


Get Insurance

All movers provide basic insurance coverage. However, depending on what kind of items you own, you may want to purchase more protection.


Remember the Little Things

Clean and Unplug All Appliances

Blenders, hoses, chargers, computers, mini fridges – if it’s going with you, it should be unplugged. Cleaning your appliances and removing any excess water from the inside (and dumping out your ice maker) will ensure nothing leaks during the move.

Wash the Clothes and Sheets

Not only will washing everything ensure you don’t stink up the moving truck, it’ll also make settling in a whole lot easier! Moving into a new home is always less stressful when you can put your things straight into drawers and closets instead of into the laundry hamper.

Take Out the Trash

To further avoid stinking up your belongings, make sure to empty and clean all trash cans before packing them. And, if you’re keeping a trash bag handy during the move, make sure you label it as trash, so it doesn’t get packed!

Empty the Dishwasher

Most people wash their dishes before packing them. This is a great idea, except people often forget they’re in the dishwasher! Always double check so your movers don’t leave without all the essentials.

Clean Out the Drawers

Moving a desk is a lot harder when the drawers are filled with files and paperweights. For ease and safety, make sure to remove all items from drawers.

Pack Well

Make sure each of your boxes is packed and sealed well. We recommend putting three pieces of tape on the opening – one on the top seam and one on each side seam. Also, fill your boxes fully! This allows for better stacking.

Even if you check everything off this list, moving can still be a hassle without a quality moving company. EverSafe is dedicated to creating a smooth moving experience. With us, you can rest assured your belongings will be protected. Contact us today for a free estimate and a Price Lock Guarantee.

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