10 Best Moving Companies in Philadelphia

June 23, 2024


This list of short-distance and long-distance movers is carefully compiled based on factors such as licensing, customer reviews, services offered, and unique features that set each apart. Whether you’re moving locally within Philadelphia or preparing for a long-distance move, here, you’ll find detailed insights to help you choose a reliable moving service that meets your needs.

Our Criteria

Each moving company in Manayunk will be rated on these criteria, with their overall score expressed in a star rating (e.g., 4.5 stars).

This rating will provide a clear, at-a-glance understanding of a company’s service quality, reliability, and customer focus, helping potential customers make informed decisions when choosing a mover in Bucks County or looking for secure storage facilities.

Range of Additional Services

A top-tier full-service moving company must offer residential and commercial moving services in Cherry Hill, including local and long-distance moves, packing and unpacking, moving and storage solutions, and handling specialty items. Companies offering more comprehensive services will receive a higher average rating.

Pricing Transparency

A professional moving company should provide clear, understandable, and accessible pricing information without hidden fees. This includes detailed information on how to get a quote and average cost.

Customer Rating

Customer satisfaction is critical and reflects the trust and reliability of any company in the moving industry. This is assessed through customer reviews, feedback, years of experience, and ratings on platforms like Google, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Licensing and Insurance

Proper licensing and adequate insurance are non-negotiable for safeguarding clients’ possessions during the move. This criterion evaluates whether a local moving company meets state and federal regulations, holds an active USDOT number, and offers sufficient insurance coverage.

Quick Response

The efficiency with which a company responds to customer inquiries and requests reflects its commitment to service and customer support. Companies that communicate promptly and quickly address customer needs score higher in this category.

Get to Know the Best Movers in Philadelphia

1 – EverSafe Moving Co. (Rating: 4.9 – Top Pick)

EverSafe Moving Co.

EverSafe Moving is a standout choice for anyone needing local movers Local movers in University City, PA. They handle everything from local moves to complex cross-country relocations with ease.

Customers frequently highlight EverSafe’s reliable service and great care for their belongings, with glowing testimonials across multiple review platforms. In addition to having a team of experienced Center City movers, one of the things people love most is their Price Lock Guarantee, which means you won’t face unexpected fees at the end of your move.

Fully licensed and insured, EverSafe ensures the safety of your possessions. More importantly, their responsive customer service team is always ready to receive phone calls and answer any questions, showing commitment to serving Philly’s Main Line.

2 – Riley and Sons Moving (Rating: 4.7)

Riley and Sons Moving

Riley and Sons Moving offers a broad range of moving services, making them a great option in any type of move you need––whether you’re relocating across town or the country. As experienced movers, they’re particularly noted for their effective storage solutions and capacity to handle delicate items requiring special care.

Customers appreciate their straightforward approach to pricing and the personal touch they bring to each move, which often results in lower stress levels during a hectic time.

The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction shines through in its careful handling of belongings and its swift response times to customer inquiries, making it a trusted partner in the moving process.

3 – New Horizon Movers (Rating: 4.5)

New Horizon Movers

New Horizon Movers is well-regarded for their vital customer service and a wide array of services, including junk removal and storage, making them a versatile choice for many Philadelphians. They are known for making moving less of a chore and more of a seamless transition.

With pricing that’s competitive yet straightforward, they manage to strike a balance between quality and value.

The promptness and professionalism of their team are consistently praised by customers, as they have peace of mind knowing their possessions are handled with care from their old home to the new place.

4 – BR Moving (Rating: 4.4)

BR Moving

BR Moving is recognized for its clear pricing and dependable services, accommodating both residential and commercial interstate moves efficiently. Their dedication to transparency sets them apart, so customers understand exactly what they’re paying for without any surprises.

While they excel in the sectors they cover, they might not offer as broad a range of services as some competitors. Nonetheless, their commitment to quality and reliability in what they offer makes them a solid choice for those seeking a straightforward experience for an upcoming move.

5 – Suburban Solutions (Rating: 4.3)

Suburban Solutions

Suburban Solutions receives high marks for its high quality, positive user reviews and clarity in pricing. They might not focus as much on commercial moves, but their prowess in handling residential moves is well-noted.

If you’re planning a move within your neighborhood or across the city and need a team that prioritizes a hassle-free experience, customers frequently praise the Suburban Solutions team for being helpful and efficient.

6 – ABC Movers Philadelphia (Rating: 4.2)

ABC Movers Philadelphia

ABC Movers Philadelphia offers comprehensive moving services and enjoys good customer feedback, particularly for residential moving solutions. Although they are a bit less known in the commercial moving sector, their commitment to service quality across their offerings is evident.

Customers appreciate their attention to detail and the personalized care they bring to each move, making sure that everything from packing materials to moving containers are handled professionally.

So, if you’re looking for a moving company that combines a variety of services with high customer satisfaction, ABC Movers Philadelphia is a worthy contender.

7 – Philadelphia Movers LLC (Rating: 4.1)

Philadelphia Movers LLC

Philadelphia Movers LLC boasts a strong local reputation with a solid range of services that cater to most moving needs. While they are generally well-regarded for their operational efficiency and coverage, some reviews suggest room for improvement in customer satisfaction.

However, their commitment to providing reliable and diverse moving options makes them popular among Philadelphians looking for competent and versatile movers.

8 – Broad Street Movers (Rating: 4.0)

Broad Street Movers

Broad Street Movers offers comprehensive moving services, including notable long-distance moving capabilities. They are equipped to handle complex logistics that come with extensive geographical coverage.

While generally positive, their customer feedback indicates some areas for improvement, particularly in ensuring consistent customer experiences. Their extensive service range makes them a strong contender for those needing robust moving solutions.

9 – Stellar Movers (Rating: 3.9)

Stellar Movers

Stellar Movers specializes in residential moving, excelling at providing top-notch packing services, which is a significant advantage for those looking to secure their belongings with extra care.

Although they offer less in terms of commercial moving, their focus on residential moves allows for a tailored and attentive service, making them ideal for individuals and families relocating within or out of Philadelphia.

10 – Ben the Mover Guy (Rating: 3.8)

Ben the Mover Guy

Ben the Mover Guy is highly recommended for smaller, more personalized moving experiences. His service shines in handling moves where a detailed, caring touch is appreciated, garnering high customer satisfaction.

While the scope of services might be less expansive, especially for larger commercial relocations, his approach is perfect for those who value attention to detail and a more personalized interaction during their move.

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A successful move to your new home anywhere in the United States goes beyond just hauling boxes or renting a moving truck—it’s about strategic planning and partnering with trustworthy professional movers you can rely on to handle your cherished belongings with care.

By obtaining a free quote and learning more about what each company offers, you’ll have the opportunity to thoroughly compare your options and make a well-informed choice at your own pace, without any last-minute pressure.


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