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What is the Truck and Transit Expense?

By Rob Rimeris

When planning a move, it’s essential to understand the different charges involved. One crucial aspect is the ‘Truck and Transit’ expense, which, along with labor fees, constitutes the primary costs you’ll encounter. Here’s a breakdown of what this expense entails and how it differs from the labor fee.

Truck and Transit Expense: A Fixed Cost

  • Nature of the Charge: The truck and transit expense is a fixed charge. Unlike the labor fee, it does not vary based on the time spent on the move.
  • Coverage: This expense covers all costs related to the preparation, execution, and conclusion of the move. This includes setting up and tearing down the trucks, driving to and from the moving location, and other related tasks.
  • Additional Costs Included: The expense also accounts for the operational costs of the truck, such as fuel, tolls, and maintenance.

Labor Fee: A Variable Cost

  • Hourly Rate: The labor fee is variable and depends on the amount of time spent on your move. For instance, at the time of the video, it’s $80 per hour.
  • Calculation: The total labor charge is based on the total time the movers spend working directly on your move.

Transparency in Billing

  • Start and Stop Time: To ensure transparency, the start and stop times of the move are noted on the bill of lading. You will initial this document to confirm the actual start time.
  • Verification of Work: All hourly charges are for work performed in your presence, allowing you to verify that the time charged is accurate.
  • Bill of Lading: At the end of the move, the stop time is recorded, and you sign the bill of lading to confirm it. This process ensures that you are only charged for the time the movers actively work on your move.

Different Practices Among Moving Companies

  • Some companies may not have a separate truck and transit expense and might instead charge a flat hourly rate, including an hour of travel time.

Customer Benefits

  • No Hidden Costs: A fixed truck and transit expense means you know this part of your moving cost upfront, with no surprises.
  • Verified Labor Costs: The process of noting start and stop times ensures you pay only for the time the movers are actively working on your move.

In summary, understanding the difference between the truck and transit expense and the labor fee can help you better budget for your move. The truck and transit expense is a fixed cost covering all aspects of getting to and from your move, while the labor fee is variable and based on the actual time spent on your move. This clear delineation ensures transparency and fairness in billing.

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