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Questions to Ask Before Moving

What is the Average Price of a Move?

By Rob Rimeris

One of the most common questions our customers ask us is about the average cost of a move. It’s a crucial consideration when planning your relocation, and several factors can influence the price of a move. Let’s delve into what can affect the cost of a move and how we determine pricing.

The cost of a move can vary significantly, and in some cases, it may even be cost-prohibitive. For example, if you’re moving a single item that is both heavy and going a long distance, it can make the move quite expensive. Take, for instance, moving a piano. For such moves, you typically need to pay for our three-hour minimum, which can add up quickly. If you’re also moving this heavy item a considerable distance, the price can increase substantially, making it cost-prohibitive.

So, what you’re moving and how far you’re moving it are the primary factors that determine the pricing of your move. While we can provide ballpark estimates when you call us, the actual cost is derived from your unique situation. We have developed our own in-house software based on years of experience and mathematical modeling to calculate accurate estimates. We are so confident in our pricing that we are one of the few companies in America to offer a guarantee on our hourly rates.

When you reach out to us for an estimate, our estimator will guide you through the process. They will inquire about your addresses, ensuring our trucks can access your location, especially in areas with narrow streets. We’ll also consider factors like the distance items need to be carried to the truck, whether you live in an elevator building, and the distance to walk from the elevator.

We then transition into a detailed list of the items you’re moving. Room by room, we compile a complete inventory of your furniture. But we don’t stop there. We ask specific questions about your furniture, such as whether your couch reclines or contains a sleeper bed, the size of your bed, and whether it has a headboard and footboard.

We provide a one-number estimate that isn’t a variable. Unlike some moving companies that offer a wide range or estimates with hidden fees, we keep it simple. Our pricing consists of the hourly rate and the truck and transit expense—only two mandatory fees for our general moves. You won’t encounter unexpected fees for stairs, pianos, long carries, or wrapping your items.

It’s important to note that 80% to 90% of our quotes come in under the estimated price. This is the opposite of the norm in the moving industry, where companies often provide lowball estimates that end up being higher due to underestimated time or hidden fees. We aim to provide transparent and straightforward pricing so you can plan your move with confidence.

In summary, the average cost of a move depends on what you’re moving and how far it needs to go. We offer a unique pricing structure with a guarantee, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the costs associated with your move. Our goal is to provide an honest and transparent moving experience for our customers.

If you have any further questions or need an estimate for your specific move, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help you plan your relocation efficiently and within your budget.