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How Do Parking Permits Work in Philadelphia?

By Rob Rimeris

If you’re planning a move in Philadelphia, securing a parking permit for your moving truck is essential for a smooth process. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to obtain this permit:

Step 1: Apply for the Permit Online

  • Find the Application: Go to the City of Philadelphia’s website. You can easily search for “Philadelphia moving truck permits” on Google to find the relevant page.
  • Eversafe Moving Assistance: If you need help, Eversafe Moving can provide assistance and a direct link. You can contact them via email or phone at 215-821-8547.

Step 2: Request Adequate Space

  • Maximum Space Recommendation: The city may charge around $50 for a permit covering up to 40 feet, which is generally recommended to ensure sufficient space.
  • Number of Signs: The amount of space you apply for translates to the number of parking signs you will receive.

Step 3: Payment and Permit Issuance

  • Approval and Payment: After applying, the city will send an email requesting payment. Upon payment, you will receive the permit via email.
  • Obtaining Signs: Take the permit to your local police station to get the parking signs, which you will fill in with the date and time.

Step 4: Posting the Signs

  • Early Posting: It’s advised to post these signs at least 48 hours before your move to ensure the space is available.
  • Legal Parking Areas Only: Ensure you reserve space in legal parking areas. Reserving in no-parking zones or bike lanes is not permitted.

Benefits of Having a Parking Permit

  • Avoids Last-Minute Hassles: A reserved parking spot ensures that the moving truck has space, avoiding delays.
  • Fair Warning to Residents: Posting signs in advance provides residents with ample notice, reducing the likelihood of towing and related issues.

Dealing with Unauthorized Parking

  • If someone parks in your reserved spot, you should call 911, explain the situation, and the necessary authorities will tow the vehicle.

Why It’s Recommended

  • Prevents Potential Issues: The effort put into obtaining the permit can help prevent numerous logistical issues on a moving day.
  • Ensures Smooth Operation: Having a designated spot for the moving truck streamlines the moving process.

In summary, while obtaining a parking permit for moving in Philadelphia involves several steps, it is a crucial part of ensuring a smooth and hassle-free moving day. Remember to apply for more space than you think you’ll need, post the signs well in advance, and ensure the reserved area is a legal parking space.