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What Other Philadelphia Movers Does EverSafe Recommend?

By Rob Rimeris

When Eversafe Moving Company in Philadelphia is fully booked, they recommend two reputable moving companies to handle your needs: MCO Moving and Storage and Broad Street Movers. Additionally, for specific items like pianos and safes, they have other specialized recommendations.

For General Moving Needs

  1. MCO Moving and Storage:
    • Run by Tony MCO, a second-generation company.
    • Known for their long-standing experience in the industry.
  2. Broad Street Movers:
    • Although the leadership is not specified, they are recognized for their commitment and quality service.

Specialized Moving Services

  1. Safes:
    • Eversafe moves safes under certain conditions (ground floor to ground floor, up to 500 pounds; with stairs involved, up to 250 pounds).
    • For safes exceeding these limits or for single-item moves:
      • Wilson Lock and Safe: Based in Philadelphia, they specialize in moving heavier safes.
      • Action Safe and Lock: Located just north of Philadelphia, offering similar specialized services.
  2. Pianos:
    • Eversafe does move pianos but only as part of a larger move and does not handle grand pianos.
    • For grand pianos or single-item piano moves:
      • Duffy Piano Movers: Based in the Philadelphia area, possibly in Prospect Park, known for their expertise in moving pianos.

Why Eversafe Recommends These Companies

  • Trust and Reliability: Eversafe recommends these companies based on their trustworthiness and reliable service.
  • Specialized Expertise: For specific items like safes and pianos, they suggest companies with the required expertise and equipment.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Ensuring customer satisfaction is a priority, so they recommend companies that align with their own standards of service.

In summary, when Eversafe Moving Company is unable to take on a job, they recommend MCO Moving and Storage and Broad Street Movers for general moving needs in Philadelphia. For specialized moves involving safes and pianos, they suggest Wilson Lock and Safe, Action Safe and Lock, and Duffy Piano Movers, each known for their expertise in these areas. These recommendations reflect Eversafe’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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