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Does EverSafe Use Temp Labor?

By Rob Rimeris

At Ever Safe Moving Company, we prioritize delivering the highest quality of service to our customers. This commitment to excellence is why we have a firm policy against using temporary labor. Let’s delve into the reasons behind this decision and how it benefits our clients.

Reasons for Not Using Temp Labor

  1. Lack of Specialized Training: Temp labor, often sourced from agencies or even picked up informally, typically lacks the specialized training required for moving services. Moving is more than just lifting and transporting items; it involves skills like proper handling of furniture, understanding how to navigate different spaces, and ensuring the safety of items during transit.
  2. Quality of Service Concerns: With temporary workers, there’s no guarantee of the quality of service. These individuals might not be trained in the specific nuances of moving, which can impact the overall quality and efficiency of the moving process.
  3. Background and Physical Assessments: At Ever Safe, we have stringent requirements for our employees, including thorough background checks and physical assessment tests. These measures ensure that the team handling your move is not only skilled but also trustworthy and physically capable of performing the tasks required.
  4. Training and Knowledge: Our employees undergo extensive training, both practical and theoretical. This includes learning the correct techniques for moving items without causing damage and understanding the importance of not using certain equipment in homes to avoid floor damage. Such in-depth training is not typically part of a temp worker’s experience.

Benefits to Customers

  1. Consistency and Reliability: By only employing regular, trained staff, we ensure consistency in the quality of service provided. Our customers can trust that the team sent to their home is skilled, experienced, and reliable.
  2. Safety and Accountability: Our full-time employees understand the safety protocols and the company’s standards of accountability. This awareness reduces the risk profile for our customers, who don’t have to worry about potential damages or mishandling of their belongings.
  3. Cultivated Expertise: Our movers are not just workers; they are trained professionals in the field of moving. Their expertise is cultivated through regular training sessions and practical experience, which temp labor cannot match.


At Ever Safe Moving Company, our decision not to use temp labor is rooted in our dedication to providing the best possible service to our clients. We understand that a successful move requires more than just manpower; it requires skilled, trained, and dedicated professionals who are part of our team. This approach ensures that we maintain high standards of service, safety, and customer satisfaction in every move we undertake.

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