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Do We Take Apart Your Furniture?

By Rob Rimeris

When planning a move, one of the critical considerations is the handling of furniture. Our services include a comprehensive approach to furniture assembly and disassembly, ensuring your move is as seamless and efficient as possible.

Standard Service Inclusions

  1. Assembly and Disassembly: It’s a standard part of all our moves to handle the assembly and disassembly required. This includes common items like beds, which almost always need to be taken apart and reassembled, and dining tables, where legs often need removal for transport.
  2. Equipped for the Task: Our teams carry full toolkits with all necessary tools for disassembling and reassembling your furniture. This preparedness ensures we can efficiently handle various types of furniture without delays.

Flexibility for Customer Preferences

  1. DIY Option: Understanding that some customers prefer handling certain aspects themselves, often for time-saving reasons, we offer the flexibility for you to disassemble and reassemble your furniture. Should you choose this option, inform our estimator so that the time typically allocated for these tasks is adjusted in your quote.
  2. Handling Non-Company Disassembled Furniture: We’re more than willing to attempt assembling furniture that we didn’t disassemble. However, without instructions or prior familiarity, we can’t guarantee successful reassembly in every case. Most items are fairly standard, but there’s always an element of unpredictability.
  3. Fresh Assembly Requests: For items freshly purchased from stores like IKEA, we’re open to discussing assembly services. Keep in mind that assembly times for new furniture, packed in flat boxes, can be highly variable and often more time-consuming than reassembling pre-existing furniture. While we’re happy to include this in your quote, these tasks are exempt from our price lock time guarantee due to their unpredictable nature.

Predictability vs. Unpredictability in Assembly

  • Reassembling Existing Furniture: Tasks like detaching a mirror from a dresser and reattaching it after the move are predictable in terms of time and effort. We can efficiently handle such tasks, ensuring they’re factored into your moving plan.
  • Assembling New Furniture: In contrast, building a dresser from scratch, for example, is less predictable. The time required can vary significantly and is generally longer than simply moving an already assembled piece.


Our goal is to provide a comprehensive, hassle-free moving experience, and handling furniture is a significant part of that. Whether it’s reassembling your existing furniture or discussing options for assembling new purchases, we strive to accommodate your needs while maintaining transparency regarding time and cost implications. Let us handle the heavy lifting – literally and figuratively – to ensure your move is smooth and stress-free.

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