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Moving Valuation Policy

Our current moving valuation policy is as follows:

“We provide the same levels of insurance that all movers provide. The levels are set by law and are 60 cents per pound, per item up to $100,000 total. Please click here: Understanding Valuation and Insurance for a further understanding of basic valuation insurance coverage. If you’re more comfortable with full coverage insurance, we can point you in the right direction, we recommend Baker International. You can find all the info you need to purchase extra insurance here: Baker International – Full Coverage Insurance Info

Even with this, you may have some more questions regarding moving valuation such as how it works and how it compares to moving insurance. That’s why we put together this handy guide detailing moving valuation coverage.

Released Value Protection vs Full Value Protection

Every moving company is required by federal law to provide two different liability options. These include Released Value Protection, which is also known as Limited Valuation Coverage, and Full Value Protection.

Here are some of the key differences:

  • Released Value Protection comes with no extra charge, while Full Value Protection costs money.
  • With Released Value, we assume liability for 60 cents per pound per article. For example, if a 10-pound item were to be damaged, we would be liable for $6. This is the case no matter what the actual value of the item is.
  • With Full-Value Protection, we are liable for the replacement value of any damaged items. This means we, at our discretion, offer to repair the item, replace the item, or make a cash settlement.

As you can see, Released Value Protection can save you money, but comes with a ton of risk. If any items that are a high enough value break, you will be losing money. Full Value Protection is a lot safer but comes at a cost.

Third-Party Moving Insurance

We understand that released value protection may not be the best option for you. You may be looking for complete, full value protection. For this, we recommend Baker International as your third-party moving insurance provider.

Actions That Limit Our Liability

Our liability of your items is subject to change if you:

  • Pack perishable, hazardous, or dangerous materials with your items without first discussing moving these items with us.
  • Do not notify us through written documentation of items of extraordinary value.
  • Pack your own items.
  • Fail to file a written claim within 9 months from the date the delivery happened or the date in which it was supposed to occur.

Keep these rules in mind when moving to avoid being responsible for damage that we should otherwise cover.

Still Need More Info?

Moving valuation can be tricky, but it can give you peace of mind to have an understanding of how it works going into your move. If you still have questions or want to learn more, give us a call at (215) 821-8547.

If you’re ready to start your move you can request your free quote by filling out our online form.